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Elias Böök

Core/Tools programmer

About me

I'm a software developer with a passion for game development and a strong interest in graphics and tools programming.


+46 705138590

Sweden, Malmö

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My portfolio


A animation state machine

Animation System


Animation system, based on the features of Unity's animation system.

Learn more about: Animation System

A picture of the Crownest Editor

Editor and Engine

Project 6 & 7

The Crownest Editor and Engine

Learn more about: Editor and Engine

A animation state machine

C++ Serialization System

Personal Project

A serialization system that can serialize and deserialize C++ objects to and from custom files. The system is designed to be easy to use and flexible, allowing for the serialization of complex data structures.

Learn more about: C++ Serialization System

TGA Game Projects

Cruisin 4a Bruisin

Project 7

A third-person shooter game with a focus on fast-paced action and a unique art style.

Learn more about: Cruisin 4a Bruisin

Spite: RagnarEld

Project 6

A Diablo-like game set in the northern mountains of RagnarEld. The player takes on the role of Fireborn, a being immune to the frost curse that has taken hold of the mountain.

Learn more about: Spite: RagnarEld


Project 5

A point-and-click adventure game set in the USSR.

Learn more about: USSnoiR

Fortune Fiasco thumbnail

Fortune Fiasco

Project 4

A top-down action-adventure game where you play as a jester who must save a circus from mysterious forces.

Learn more about: Fortune Fiasco

A mushroom in a forest

Micah on the Mycelium Trail

Project 3

Micah on the Mycelium Trail is a short and sweet 2.5D platformer with a richly decorated world, snappy movement, and a suite of fun abilities.

Learn more about: Micah on the Mycelium Trail

A rabbit

Your Rabbit Died

Project 2

A game about your rabbit that died

Learn more about: Your Rabbit Died

Garden goobers game thumbnail

Garden goobers

Project 1

A game about goobers in a garden, who has to run away from a hedgehog. And get its leak home.

Learn more about: Garden goobers

Other Projects

Thubmnail of Dual Time project

Dual Time

School Project

Imagine you take the level cause and effect from Titanfall 2, and you make a parkour system based on Ghostrunner and other movement games, and boom you have this game

Learn more about: Dual Time

Neon Ninja

Neon Ninja

Hobby Project

A Top Down Melee game where you play as a ninja who dies in one hit, but can slow down time to dodge bullets and slice enemies.

Learn more about: Neon Ninja