Game project 7: Third Person Shooter

Cruisin 4a Bruisin


It is a third-person shooter game with a focus on fast-paced action and a unique art style. We wanted to create a game that was fun to play and visually appealing. And a lot of SPACE


Pirate Space-Penguins have commandeered a lavish Space Cruise ship and stolen your Raven. Grab your Space Guns and exact extreme Space Vengeance while avoiding incoming fire!

My contributions



Elias Böök, Filip Orrling, Hjalmar Janson, Johan Melkersson, Jakob Persson


Daniel Nilsson, Assar Wade, Elden Bähni, David Widmer

Level Designers

Hanna Hindersson, Anton Weibull, Oscar Hildebrand


Alias Lundh, Alfred Nilsson

Technical Artists

William Bergsmo, Khemathat Buadam

Sound Designer

Dennis QH

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