Game project 5: Point and Click



USSnoiR is a point-and-click adventure game set in the USSR. The player takes on the role of a spy who has infiltrated an enemy lab. The player must scour the place for clues by inspecting the equipment, decode the hidden message, and deliver it before they get caught.

USSnoiR was the first game project where we had to use our game engine, built from scratch in C++ using DX11. We did not have an editor, so we used the Unreal Engine to create the levels and then imported them into our game engine. This engine is what became Crownest.


Good job, you've infiltrated the enemy lab! Now scour the place for clues by inspecting the equipment -decode the hidden message and deliver it before they catch up!

My contributions



Elias Böök, Filip Orrling, Hjalmar Janson, Johan Melkersson, Jakob Persson


Daniel Nilsson, Assar Wade, Elden Bähni, David Widmer

Level Designers

Hanna Hindersson, Anton Weibull, Oscar Hildebrand


Alias Lundh, Alfred Nilsson

Technical Artists

William Bergsmo, Khemathat Buadam

Sound Designer

Dennis QH

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