Game project 6: Diablo-like

Spite: RagnarEld


Spite: RagnarEld is a Diablo-like game set in the northern mountains of RagnarEld. The player takes on the role of Fireborn, a being immune to the frost curse that has taken hold of the mountain.

During the development of this project, we created an editor for the game engine, which allowed us to create levels, place objects, and edit the game world. By the end of the game project, we had a bare-bones yet functional Editor.


As Fireborn, you are immune to the frost curse that has taken hold of the northern mountain. Slash, dash and burn your way through the corrupted masses to find and defeat the evil from the ancient past of giants.

My contributions



Elias Böök, Filip Orrling, Hjalmar Janson, Johan Melkersson, Jakob Persson


Daniel Nilsson, Assar Wade, Elden Bähni, David Widmer

Level Designers

Hanna Hindersson, Anton Weibull, Oscar Hildebrand


Alias Lundh, Alfred Nilsson

Technical Artists

William Bergsmo, Khemathat Buadam

Sound Designer

Dennis QH

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